SDI Interactive

SDI Interactive is Android Application with AR technology Support. This is product suplement for Sygma Daya Insani product.

Padang City Guide

Both Android and iOS Application to guide any people when go to Padang City, West Sumatra. This order from Padang City Government, develop since 2015-2016. These application also use the backend site to handle all information of place in padang city.

Sistem Informasi Surat Keterangan

Aplikasi Sistem Informasi Surat Keterangan adalah aplikasi Android, dengan backend PHP+CI sudah di terapkan di STIKES Harapan bangsa, Purwokerto. Link bisa dilihat disini

Data Maintenance

Database migration and maintenance at PT. Sampoerna Telekom. 2010, Migration SyBase from old machine to new machine 2017, Install and maintenance Oracle DB